International patients

Book a week in our training and testing center in the Netherlands! 

Get testing and training with Arjan, Linda and our physical therapists!

(costs 4950 euro for 6 days)

Interested? mail: [email protected]

(We will set up a free Zoom call to find out if you are a good match for the Brain Rehab Protocol)

Costs €4950 and this is inclusive: (unless stated otherwise)

Where do you stay?

Fletcher Resort-Hotel Zutphen
4-star hotel / double room (3 min)

When you arrange your own hotel, you get a discount on the costs

Your week will look like this:

Day one (4 hours):

  • Intake and Testing: QEEG , RightEye, Proprio, Interactive Metronome, Hearing and Smell tests, Functional neurological examination, CAPS advanced postural stability and fall chance assessment, Cambridge neuroscience test battery.
  • Advanced serology, urinalysis, immunological, and biome testing is optional* (extra costs)
  • Based on the outcome of your testing, we design a custom made rehabilitation plan for you. 
  • First exercise instructions and explanation.

Day 2 to 5 (4 hours)

  • Warm up: see info below
  • Treatment (physical, Prolo therapy or Shed laser)
  • Training: see info below (8* 30 minute sessions)

Day 6 (4 hours):

  • Evaluation testing: QEEG , RightEye, Proprio, Interactive Metronome, hear test, functional neurological examination, CAPS.
  • Dietary advice, Life style advice, supplementary/neutraceutical advice, home training instructions.
  • Warm up
  • Treatment
  • Training (1-2 30min sessions)


EMS: (electrical muscle stimulation training) can be done on both sides of the body. We offer patients with a stroke and brain injury the unique possibility to train on one side (the weak one).

Fitlight: The FITLIGHT Trainer ™ is an innovative training system that makes use of speed and agility targeting rehabilitation for brain injuries, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts where light impulses are used to improve reaction time and train the brain.

The PROPRIO® reactive balance systems, including the PROPRIO® 5000 models, are the most advanced, versatile and cost-efficient machines on the market for the assessment, measurement and training of neurological, orthopedic and vestibular problems by simultaneously challenging dynamic stability , posture, strength and mobility to improve weak function.

Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator:
The NSI is specially designed for functional neurologists.
Using a 50 inch HD TV and touchscreen the NSI is
created to provide a range of therapy procedures to a wide range
group of patients requiring visual or functional neurological therapy.

Right Eye®: One of the most advanced computerized eye training and analysis systems.

CAPS® Comprehensive analysis of postural systems, the most advanced system to measure risk of falling and postural sway patterns. In combination with the Proprio system an unbeatable rehabilitation tool for underlying vestibular issues.

Brain Rehab Protocol training: Back to basics, a non-compensation training to specifically address and build function so the brain runs more efficiently.

Gym: 10X training, revolutionary training based on the latest physiological insights. Learn how to develop a toned and strong body in 30 minutes a week. For everyone over 16 years old.

TABATA (HIT training): High intensity interval training to significantly improve fitness, energy management and neurological protection in 8 minutes per session. Exercise method varies and is dependent on physical and metabolic capacity. 

Arjan Kuipers

Specialization: Brain Injury

International consultant in the clinical application of neuroscience,  
(ACNB, Board-certified functional neurologist).

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